Kosciusko Huts

Kosciusko Huts

All members are invited to the KHA Annual General Meeting for 2008, to be held at Boali Lodge, Mowamba Place Thredbo, on Satuerday 17 May 2008 at 2pm. Full details and the AGENDA are here.

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Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

Given the choice between cheap car insurance and any other car insurance, most drivers choose cheap car insurance. It’s understandable, since most people want to pay as little as possible for everything they have. If you’re familiar with the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” cheap car insurance is the epitome of that old epitaph. Quality comes at a premium, and the same goes for good car insurance. If you’re willing to pay for a good policy, you’ll appreciate the coverage offered to you. If you pay for Youi cheap car insurance to save a few dollars each month, you’ll likely end up suffering in the long run.

Before you sign a contract for a cheap car insurance policy, consider what you’re getting when you sign up. The overall cost might seem more inviting right now, but it’s rarely so appealing in the long run. Knowing what cheap insurance could cost you in the event of an accident helps drivers understand the risks they’re taking.

The Bare Minimum

Depending on where you live, the state minimums for specific damage varies. Let’s say you live in a state with a minimum $30,000 per accident. If you’re involved in an accident, you can’t imagine the damage to either your car or the one you hit exceeding $30,000. This leaves you feeling confident in your decision to save money with the cheap car insurance policy.

If you are involved in an accident with a Kia, you won’t see $30,000 worth of damage. If you hit a Ferrari from the side as you accidentally run a red light, you could easily cause damage that well exceeds $30,000. If it does, you’re responsible for paying for the costs of the damage that exceeds your insurance policy’s responsibility. Can you afford to pay for repairs on a Ferrari? Since you didn’t want to spend more on your car insurance each month to protect yourself, the answer is probably no.

The same goes for personal injury protection. If you choose the minimum, you could end up in financial trouble. Even the smallest accident could have substantial impact on a person’s health, especially if they are uninsured or they are already dealing with health issues in their life. When you choose the minimum to ensure cheap car insurance, you put your financial future at risk.

You’re a Good Driver

You’ve been driving for decades, and you’ve never been involved in an accident. You’re a good driver, so you don’t need to pay for all the additional coverage you’ve never needed in the past. You’re going to go with the cheap car insurance policy to save a few dollars to reward yourself for being such a good driver. The problem lies in other drivers. You might be a stellar driver, but other people are distracted, reckless, and not all that comfortable behind the wheel. If that’s you, you could end up in an accident caused by someone else that leaves you without the coverage you need.

Say, for example, the person who hits you was driving recklessly and the accident is clearly their fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. It turns out the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance. You chose not to pay for uninsured motorist coverage because it saved you a few dollars and allowed you to have cheap car insurance for a few years. Now you have a car that needs extensive repairs as well as medical bills from your injuries, and your insurance won’t cover the cost of the accident since it’s not your fault and the other driver has no insurance. Now you’re responsible for the repairs and your medical bills.

Cheap car insurance might seem like a great idea when you see how must it costs versus how much it costs to pay for comprehensive coverage, and it’s almost always an unwise decision. Anything can happen at any moment, leaving you liable for property damage and medical bills that aren’t your fault. Insurance is a great example of getting precisely what you pay for, which is why it’s a good idea to pay for something that won’t bankrupt you.

The best way to find affordable car insurance is to ask for discounts and make wise decisions. There are several ways for you to lower the cost of your insurance:

– Bundle your policies
– Pay your premium in full upfront
– Ask for discounts for upgraded safety features in your car
– Buy a newer, safer car
– Call the insurance company to discuss your recent life changes

Finding less expensive car insurance doesn’t have to mean finding a policy that doesn’t cover what you need. You can find affordable insurance and still feel protected when you’re on the road. What might seem like a great deal now is usually all it takes to put you in a terrible financial situation at a later date. Look for savings elsewhere, but don’t sacrifice your coverage to save a few dollars on the cost of your car insurance premium. It’s rarely worth the savings if you’re in an accident.

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